Our Path to Progress

Our past grant funding has influenced who we are today as an organization and our grantmaking priorities.  When we began our grantmaking in 2001, the board of directors elected to focus initial funding on supporting the health and well-being of underserved children living in Wake County. In those early years, a priority was placed on ensuring access to care for Wake County children.

Seven years following its charter, the John Rex Endowment responded to the growing concerns around the issue of childhood obesity and set a path of commitment toward promoting healthy weight among children in Wake County. This stride marked the beginning of a shift from the John Rex Endowment’s emphasis on access to health care.

The most recent turning point in our path of progress occurred in 2012, when our leadership embarked on an assessment of funding areas in order to hone its focus and gain an even deeper impact. In the initial process, a commitment was made to continue funding Healthy Weight and Nonprofit Capacity Building. The next phase of the funding assessment, which involved the community, resulted in the selection of Injury Prevention and Mental Health, Social and Emotional Well-being as two additional funding areas for a five-year commitment. 

As described in our five-year plan, Our Plan for Impact, 2013-2018, our current grant funding emphasizes the well-being of children and the prevention of health problems.