Sharing Insights

The John Rex Endowment has the privilege of supporting organizations who join with us to create an environment where children and families in greater Wake County live healthy lives.  In our pursuit, we pride ourselves on being a learning organization — one that constantly strives to improve based on insights gained from all experiences. 

In this section we provide reports that are specific to our funding areas, grant project updates, stories reflecting what we and our grantees are learning, and resources on child health.  It's our hope that you will benefit from this knowledge and have the opportunity to apply the positive lessons. 

10 Tips for Successful Nonprofit Capacity Building Projects

Supporting nonprofit organizations in their ability to work effectively and efficiently is the basis of our nonprofit capacity building funding area. While providing this grant funding to over 36 Wake County organizations that support children living healthy lives, we’ve actively listened to and learned from our grantee community. To increase the likelihood of a successful project and to minimize the bumps in the road, we share the following tips.

Autism Society of NC Builds Capacity; Grows Stronger

Autism Society of NC Builds Capacity; Grows Stronger

In North Carolina, one in 58 children may be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This prevalence rate comes from a CDC study of 8-year-old schoolchildren and is higher than the national average of one in 68. Families affected by autism increasingly face financial, emotional, and day-to-day hardships, and the Autism Society of North Carolina (ASNC) identified the need to increase their capacity to serve children and families as the need for more resources reached levels higher than ever.

Kate Shirah Speaks on Strategic Planning for Funders

For 34 years TCC Group has conducted strategic planning for foundations.  That experience led to their recent report Ten Keys – Ten Years Later Successful Strategic Planning for Foundation Leaders.  Kate Shirah, John Rex Endowment program director, joined the TCC Group as guest speaker for the January 20 webinar “Ten Keys to Successful Strategic Planning for Funders”.  Listen as Kate explains the John Rex Endowment’s experience and how our organization is positioned two years post.