Five Goals

The John Rex Endowment’s work is focused on five goals from 2013-2018. For each goal, we are focused on implementing specific strategies that we believe are the best avenues for us to reach our goals. These goal-specific strategies relate directly to one, two, or all of our overarching strategies, as well as to strategies for other goals in some cases. In this way, we maintain an interconnected whole, the center of which will always be supporting Wake County children in living healthy lives.   It's our intention that projects which are implemented using the five-year plan as a guidepost will bring lasting change that will continue to nurture Wake County’s children for many years.

  • Improve policies and implement changes to the built environment that increase children’s access to healthy foods and active living opportunities in Wake County municipalities.
  • Increase the number of people and organizations engaged in activities that are effective in preventing injury and ensuring the overall safety of Wake County children.
  • Develop and enhance the contribution of Wake County children’s places and spaces to the positive mental health of children.
  • Advance the effectiveness of coalitions working to:  prevent childhood overweight and obesity; prevent injury and ensure the overall safety of children; and support children’s mental health, social and emotional well-being.
  • Build the strength and sustainability of nonprofit organizations that support Wake County children in living healthy lives.

Current funding opportunities are announced through a Request for Proposal process.