Endowment Announces Retirement of Two Veteran Employees

The John Rex Endowment announces the 2021 retirement of McAllister Ross Myhra and Susan Vickers Smith. McAllister, Director of Operations, is a founding member of the Endowment and will step down effective July 31.  Susan, CFO, has been associated with the Endowment in multiple audit and financial capacities for over 15 years and will retire December 15.

Kellan Moore, president and CEO of the John Rex Endowment, said, “The Endowment would not be who it is today without the leadership, commitment and passion of McAllister and Susan to make us one of the most respected and well-run foundations in North Carolina. As we move forward, Gladys and Sabrina will continue their leadership roles and collaborate with me through the hiring process.” 

The consulting firm Armstrong McGuire will lead the Endowment through a comprehensive operational assessment and provide recruitment efforts. The intention is to post one position in the spring and the second in the summer. We’ll keep you posted as information becomes available.