Four Nonprofits Receive Capacity Building Grants

The John Rex Endowment has selected four nonprofits to receive Capacity Building Initiative grants, which total $97,900. The intent of the Capacity Building Initiative is to build the strength and resilience of the local nonprofit sector so that the children and youth of our community have the quality of services and support they need to thrive. 

The NC Pediatric Society and Pan Lutheran Ministries (PLM) Families Together were approved for organizational assessment grants which are supported through the Capacity Building Initiative and allow nonprofits to undergo an assessment of current capacities.
Alliance of Disability Advocates and the Autism Society of North Carolina, Inc. will receive capacity building implementation grants which provide funding for organizations to implement strategies identified through an assessment process for the purpose of increasing their effectiveness and sustainability.
Capacity building projects may focus on mission, vision, and strategy; governance and leadership; resource development; strategic relationships; internal operations and management; and program delivery and impact.
Since 2009, the John Rex Endowment has supported 41 capacity building grants totaling more than $775,000 funded through the Capacity Building Initiative.