John Rex Endowment Announces Five-Year Funding Focus

The John Rex Endowment has completed an in-depth assessment of its funding areas to determine the focus of a five-year plan that will concentrate resources on four specific areas. Prior to the assessment, we committed to continue funding the areas of Nonprofit Capacity Building and Healthy Weight. After reviewing the assessment findings, Injury Prevention and Mental Health, Social, and Emotional Well-being have been selected as two additional areas of funding for the five-year plan.

The assessment process included a scan of the landscape in Wake County, interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, and research on best practices. The next step is the development of a five-year plan, which will be released by mid-2013. The planning process will include drilling down within specific funding areas to identify where the greatest opportunities for change and improvement exist.
"This five-year commitment opens a greater opportunity to create positive change for children in Wake County," said Kevin Cain, president and CEO of the John Rex Endowment. "Directing our resources will lead to better understanding of how to make positive change. Now we can move forward to identify the most promising areas in which our grantmaking and other activities can make the greatest impact."
Learn more by reviewing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, which provides additional information about the assessment process and the five-year plan.