Five-Year Plan Announcement

The John Rex Endowment is pleased to announce the launch of our five-year plan, Our Plan for Impact, 2013-2018, which holds the promise of changing the environment in which children grow up in Wake County. As we embark upon this exciting phase in the foundation’s history, our hope and intention is that projects implemented with this plan will bring lasting change that will continue to nurture Wake County’s children for many years into the future.

The plan identifies the most promising areas in which our grantmaking and other activities can make the greatest impact. It also provides greater opportunity for organizations with whom the foundation works to have a clearer understanding of our goals.

In the process of developing our five-year plan, our leadership acted to ensure our mission reflects the work upon which we are about to embark, as well as our guiding principles and overarching strategies. The plan also explains the funding areas -- Healthy Weight; Injury Prevention; Mental Health, Social and Emotional Well-being; and Nonprofit Capacity Building – as well as specific goals and strategies.

The selection of our funding areas and identification of goals were informed by the perspectives of stakeholders across Wake County. Continued engagement of individuals and organizations will be key to identifying the best ways in which all of us, working together, can bring about the greatest positive change for Wake County children.

We will release the first request for proposals (RFP) under the five-year plan on May 8.  The RFP will focus on our plan’s goal, Preventing Injury.