John Rex Endowment Assessment Focuses on Future Funding Areas

The John Rex Endowment will assess its funding areas in 2012 and hone its focus in order to gain a deeper impact toward its mission to improve the health and well-being of children and youth in Wake County. The six-month assessment will result in a five-year commitment to four specific funding areas, beginning in 2013.   Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the assessment process and the five-year plan.

“The five-year commitment not only opens a greater opportunity for us to create positive change for children in Wake County,” explained John Rex Endowment President and CEO Kevin Cain, “but it also enables us to identify the most promising areas in which our grantmaking and other activities can make the greatest impact. 

"We always seek to identify opportunities for change and improvement when it comes to the lives of children,” he added.  “The five-year plan is an intentional progression toward deepening our impact and moving the dial toward improvement.”

The five-year plan includes a continued commitment to two funding areas – Nonprofit Capacity Building and Healthy Weight, which targets prevention of childhood overweight and obesity.  To complete the slate of four funding areas for the five-year plan, the John Rex Endowment will select two of these four areas to be assessed:  Access to Care; Healthy Infants and Early Childhood Development; Injury Prevention; and Mental Health, Social and Emotional Well-being.  The comprehensive assessment also will determine the goals and strategies for each funding area, along with indicators for measuring impact, and a plan for refining strategies along the way to build upon successes and the changing landscape.

The John Rex Endowment intends to announce the two additional funding areas in November 2012, with the first Request for Proposal based on the new plan to be released in May 2013.

Normal funding cycles will continue through January 2013 (the Summer Award Cycle for 2013). All current grants as well as new grants funded throughout 2012 and in the 2013 Summer Award Cycle will be honored and will receive funding according to the terms of the grant award.