John Rex Endowment Assessment of Funding Areas Underway

The John Rex Endowment is partnering with TCC Group to assess its funding areas in 2012.  TCC Group is a national management consulting firm with a thirty-year history of working specifically with foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporate community involvement programs, and government agencies. Over the next several months, current and past grantees, as well as others in the community focused on key areas of interest, will be asked to share their expertise as part of the assessment process.

The assessment will lead to a focused five-year plan that concentrates resources to four areas that  support the Endowment's mission of improving the health and well-being of children and youth in Wake County.  “We always seek to identify opportunities for positive change when it comes to the lives of children,” said President and CEO Kevin Cain. “The five-year plan is an intentional progression toward deepening our impact and moving the dial toward  improvement.” Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the assessment process and the five-year plan.