John Rex Endowment Invests $1.36 Million in Positive Youth Development

The John Rex Endowment announces the investment of more than $1.36 million for two grants which will focus on positive youth development and actively engage youth in community initiatives to improve available resources and settings so youth in Wake County can grow up healthy.

The Collaborative Partnership for Excellence in Youth Development will receive $1.25 million for a four-year grant to support the creation of a collaborative system to erase gaps in youth services, share resources and information, build capacity, and engage youth and their families in creating a positive future. The Collaborative Partnership for Excellence in Youth Development envisions system-wide improvements that will lead to better youth outcomes for health and wellness, educational success, workforce readiness and civic engagement.

El Pueblo will receive $115,322 to support CAPAZ, a positive youth development initiative which will focus on agency-wide programming at El Pueblo and integrate positive youth development principles into the leadership, structure and vision of the agency as a whole.

“Changing how organizations approach their work with youth can strengthen the impact of their efforts,” said Kevin Cain, president and CEO of the John Rex Endowment. “This approach is founded on a belief that the inclusion of youth in leadership and decision-making processes adds valuable perspective.”

Since February 2010, the John Rex Endowment has supported six Positive Youth Development grants totaling more than $2 million.