Olive Chapel Marathon Activity Gets Families Moving Together

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade completed 25 miles over a 10-week period of training for a celebratory 1.2 mile event which was the final leg of a 26.2 mile marathon challenge designed to allow children to finish at a rate that is fun and safe for their growing bodies. The primary goal was to support and motivate families as they incorporate exercise into their time together. In addition, the marathon concept instills the importance of goal setting and planning in physical activity and life. 

Families were given guidelines and training tips for competing the 25 miles at home as a family. A training schedule was also provided, and the 1.2 mile course on the school campus gave everyone a chance to celebrate their accomplishments together. A total of 256 students, along with their families, participated in the challenge. As they crossed the finish line, participants were greeted by a cheering audience and local mascots. Medals were handed out by local Apex heroes such as firemen, police officers and town officials.