Take a Walk in the Art Park

A new work of art in the 164-acre Park at the North Carolina Museum of Art will be unveiled at the 2008 Earth Day Celebration Saturday, April 19. Invasive, a series of "road tattoos" by artist Steed Taylor, is painted directly onto the paved surfaces of the trails and will lead visitors from the Park entrance at the visitor parking lot, through the Park, and up to the Reedy Creek Pedestrian Bridge.

Invasive, funded by the John Rex Endowment, is the first project in an ongoing series of site-specific art projects, Art Has No Boundaries, commissioned by the NCMA to encourage visitors of all ages and physical abilities to actively explore the Museum Park. This three-year series is part of the Active Community and Neighborhood grant program funded by the John Rex Endowment through the Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch of the N.C. Division of Public Health.

The swirling painted patterns in Invasive physically invade the trail, creeping in from the edges and flowing across the path. Before the final pattern was painted, names of local invasive flora were written within the outlines of the design and then painted over, a symbolic act of containment. The work of art will eventually disappear as the paint is worn away by weather and foot traffic.

The NCMA Earth Day Celebration Saturday, April 19, from 11 am to 3 pm is a free event and is open to the public. Additional details can be found at www.ncartmuseum.org or (919) 839-NCMA (6262). Earth Day Raleigh 2008 information can be found at www.visitraleigh.com.