Wake County Human Services Awarded Technology for Dental Health Grant

The John Rex Endowment awards $162,377 to Wake County Human Services for a two-year Access to Care grant to integrate a dental practice management system and digital X-rays into the dental clinic which serves children and pregnant women who have limited access to dental care and reside in Wake County.  The Technology for Dental Health grant supports innovative and practical ideas to improve access to affordable, quality physical health and dental care services by leveraging existing community resources and assets. 

Wake County Human Services intends to use grant funds to improve business practices and data monitoring for more efficient and effective operations and improved services for patients. Targeted outcomes include increased access to care for Wake County children, increased patient understanding of oral health needs, and improved overall patient experience.
“Access to quality health care, such as critical dental services for children, is a major factor in the health and well-being of Wake County children and youth,” said Kevin Cain, president and CEO of the John Rex Endowment. “We encourage and support the investment in sustainable improvements to existing community resources and assets.”