$2M Grant to WCPSS Project Enlightenment to Bring Positive Parenting Program® to Raleigh

The John Rex Endowment awarded Project Enlightenment of the Wake County Public School System a $2 million grant to help parents with young children in Raleigh improve parenting skills. Project Enlightenment will work with approximately 18 community agencies to train and provide Triple P - Positive Parenting Program® (Triple P), an internationally acclaimed model that is designed to give parents the skills they need to raise confident, healthy children.

“Let’s face it, parenting is a hard job!” says Audrey Bunch, director of Project Enlightenment. “Entering the world of parenthood can be overwhelming, and the newborn, grandchild, or adopted child who comes into your life does not come with a set of parenting instructions.” 

Many children in Raleigh enter kindergarten without the basic social, emotional, and behavioral skills needed to succeed. Project Enlightenment and partner agencies will offer Triple P to families they serve to support parenting needs of families, promote positive mental health, strengthen family bonds, and prepare children for skills needed for success in school and beyond.

Community partners will include nonprofit agencies that already provide social, mental health, healthcare and education services for families. Triple P services will be integrated into the day-to-day practices of partner agencies to improve the effectiveness and reach of parenting programs in spaces and places that serve children.

“A consistent implementation of the proven Triple P program across our community aligns with our five-year plan to influence positive mental health outcomes,” said Kevin Cain, president and CEO of the John Rex Endowment. “We know that early life experiences directly shape how the brain develops, and we believe that this grant award furthers the ability of Project Enlightenment and partner agencies to ensure that young children’s most important needs are met.”