The John Rex Endowment supports an environment where children and families in greater Wake County live healthy lives.  Guided by the belief that all children should reach their full potential, the John Rex Endowment works with the community to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children.

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President’s Message: A Fresh Look at Strategic Philanthropy

It’s true, time flies. I know this because I will be celebrating my two-year anniversary with the Endowment in a few months. In this time, I continue to be awed by our government agencies and nonprofits who relentlessly provide for their clients while striving to support themselves. Their fortitude and creativity in addressing the needs of our neighbors is remarkable. At the same time, I have increasing respect for what is required to be an effective funder.

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John Rex Endowment Grants Over $1.75M to Impact Conditions Affecting Children’s Health

The John Rex Endowment is pleased to announce grant awards totaling more than $1.75 million to five organizations to …

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John Rex Endowment Announces $1M in Grant Awards

The John Rex Endowment is proud to announce that more than $1 million in grant funding has been awarded to Arts Acces…

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