The John Rex Endowment is governed by the Board of Directors. Members of the board bring a range of perspectives and experience from the business, education, finance, healthcare, and nonprofit community. The foundation president serves as an ex-officio member. 

The board exercises insightful and independent judgment on matters of the John Rex Endowment’s governance and strategy. Directors are responsible for various functions in support of the Endowment’s mission to strengthen organizations that center racial equity and justice to improve the social emotional health of children living in Wake County. Through our strategic roadmap planning process, a clear vision was developed. In 20 years, we will have a resilient, equity-centered ecosystem that is better equipped to improve the social emotional health of children.   

The Board of Directors performs its duties through committees that include the Executive Committee, Strategy Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, and the Governance Committee. Each director serves two three-year terms and serves on at least one committee.


    • Chair - Bryan Lewis, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, United States Steel Corporation
    • Vice-chair - David Baker, Sr., District Court Judge, 10th Judicial District, Wake County
    • Treasurer -  Libby George(Retired) Director of Investments, North Carolina State University
    • Secretary - Matt Leatherman, Research Director, FCLT Global


    • Alma Barnett, (Retired) Management Consultant, Public Knowledge
    • Will Chavis, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent for Equity Affairs, Wake County Public Schools System
    • Rhett Fussell, PE, Senior Vice President, WSP and Consultant, Raleigh Area Land Trust
    • Loretta Harper-ArnoldVice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.
    • Warren Ludwig, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Child Welfare and Mental Health Consultant
    • Kellan Moore, President and CEO, John Rex Endowment
    • John Rusher, M.D., Pediatrician, Raleigh Pediatric Associates
    • Derek Wildman, Chief Financial Officer, UNC Healthcare Systems
    • Brenda Williams-Brown, MBAChief Financial Officer, State Employees Association of North Carolina
    • LaTasha Winstead, Senior Customer Success Manager, Unite Us


Former Chairs

Thank you to these visionary individuals whose passion and commitment to the citizens of Wake County has shepherded the John Rex Endowment over the years:

    • Matt Leatherman
    • Jimmy Talton
    • Linda Butler, M.D.
    • Jill Wright, M.D.
    • Sherry Worth
    • Robert Rader, Judge
    • Leah Devlin, D.D.S.
    • Ben Bradsher
    • David Boerner, M.D.
    • Ann Goodnight
    • James Maynard