The John Rex Endowment’s work is guided by our Strategic Roadmap, launched in 2019, to reflect what we have learned and how we will meet our desired impact that Wake County children and their families are safe, healthy and living to their full potential. This Strategic Roadmap is a broader vision for our efforts that builds upon what we have accomplished over time and what we are still learning. Through experience, we have learned that in order to be effective, the foundation must make long-term commitments to these efforts and expect our Strategic Roadmap will guide our work and partnerships for the foreseeable future.

In 2019, we will have three grant cycles as outlined in our Grant Award Cycles. During the year we will update our Current Funding Opportunities to announce grant funding.

Please contact Gladys Hairston, Program Officer, if you have questions.  Gladys can be reached at or 919-838-1110 extension 6.