Request for Proposals: The Connection of Social Determinants to Children’s Health and Well-being

The John Rex Endowment is seeking proposals from organizations or teams of organizations that address social determinants of health, especially those identified by community stakeholders as critical needs for improving child health and well-being while also strengthening long-term capacity for addressing these determinants.

Applicants may request funding for either a planning grant or an implementation grant. In general,

  • A planning grant supports the time, resources, and/or expertise to develop a thoughtful and actionable plan, particularly when starting something new.
  • An implementation grant supports a developed and actionable plan, based on proven interventions or practices.

See the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a full description of our interest including eligibility and criteria.

All Letters of Intent (LOIs) submitted for this funding opportunity will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Addressing the social determinants of health that align with one or more of the themes identified in the report, “Exploring Social Determinants of Health in Wake County” and demonstrate an understanding of the connection to focus to child health and well-being outcomes.
  • Include authentic collaboration with key partners, as relevant, to the proposed work and their commitment to the development of an application, if invited.
  • Intentionally engage community residents, as relevant, to the proposed work.
  • Demonstrating the need for the project using data to support the case and describe why you are recommending this proposed approach.
  • Long-term sustainability by building organizational capacity, shaping community policies and environments, and/or supporting system-level improvements. See the John Rex Endowment’s explanations of these opportunities for change.
  • Fit with the John Rex Endowment’s guiding principles that focus on prevention; support promising and proven practices; address the connected factors that influence children’s well-being; and commit to and deepen an understanding of health equity. For additional information on promising and proven practices, see the section “Supporting Information.”
  • Align with John Rex Endowment’s Strategic Roadmap priorities to develop and strengthen: (1) Courageous champions for children who will stand up and stand together to make tough decisions and take bold actions on their behalf (2) Strong organizations working together across sectors to address the needs of children and their families (3) Community settings where children and their families thrive.
  • Prioritize vulnerable Wake County children and their families as the focus.

There are no longer funding opportunities related to Our Plan for Impact, 2013-2018. 

Please contact Gladys Hairston, Program Officer, if you have questions.  Gladys can be reached at or 919-838-1110 extension 6.