Bryan Lewis, Chief Investment Officer at U.S. Steel and new member of the Board of Directors of John Rex Endowment, has a soft spot in his heart for both Wake County – his former home – and his nine-year-old son, who lives in Wake Forest. He says the health and wellness of his son, who was born in Rex Hospital, and the opportunity to enhance the lives of all families in Wake County is top of mind to him and helped him decide to join the board.

“What I learned during the board orientation is that while the Endowment has always been devoted to the betterment of families in Wake County, there has been a broadening of scope for the organization,” he says. “I was interested in joining because of the Endowment’s relevant and timely focus as well as its strong connection to the local community.”

Lewis, whose career has included serving in investment management with the North Carolina State Treasurer’s office and as Chief Investment Officer with the Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System, believes in the concept of “impact investing,” which to him means tying John Rex Endowment’s finances to its mission now and into 2021. “It’s important to think beyond the here and now and on to the future impact we can have as an organization,” he comments. “The issues we’re dealing with connected to COVID-19, racial equity and diversity will be challenging in 2021 but I’m confident we can make a difference.”

Lewis called champions of children “those who strive to improve the current environment so that ‘generations unknown’ – like my children’s children – are well positioned to thrive in the future. Champions, either individuals or organizations, know that change may take years, but they are willing to be that catalyst and initiator.” [12/2020]