Tyran Hill believes he has both a professional and personal mandate to improve the future for children. “I have three godchildren and five nieces and nephews I love and care about,” he says, “and so I believe that I am called to improve the state of things for children in Wake County and beyond. That’s what made me say yes when I was approached to join the board of John Rex Endowment.”

Hill, who has his Masters of Science degree in Social Administration, which is a Master of Social Work equivalent, has extensive experience in areas impacting children and families such as affordable housing, food insecurity and community development. He has held posts with the North Carolina Community Development Initiative and the North Carolina Housing Coalition, and recently joined the North Carolina Community Foundation as a Program Officer in their western region of the state.

Hill joined the Board in fall 2018. He hopes that over the next few years, the Endowment board will continue to develop clearly defined funding and advocacy strategies in regards to the Strategic Roadmap, as well as continue to “step out in a bold way” on behalf of projects the Endowment supports, like an accurate Census count in North Carolina and training for both board and staff in equity and inclusion.

Hill unhesitatingly lists the numerous characteristics he believes are necessary to being and supporting “champions for children” in the community. “One, you must be compassionate, which helps you understand the children you’re working for and their needs. Two, you must be intentional, knowing you may face large barriers but knowing you have a plan in place to adjust and move forward,” he says. “Three, you must have perspective --- you must see all children, not just a few and not just one or two segments. And four, you must be bold, a risk-taker, which is needed for the sakes of the children. They can’t do it for themselves.”

Finally, Hill says, “Model what you say you believe in. Have a level of conviction that conveys you are serious about the work you’re doing. I’m enjoying working with the John Rex Endowment board to uphold the champions for children who are out there in the community doing the necessary work to address the needs of all children.”  [01/2020]