Kate Shirah Speaks on Strategic Planning for Funders

For 34 years TCC Group has conducted strategic planning for foundations.  That experience led to their recent report Ten Keys – Ten Years Later Successful Strategic Planning for Foundation Leaders.  Kate Shirah, John Rex Endowment program director, joined the TCC Group as guest speaker for the webinar “Ten Keys to Successful Strategic Planning for Funders”.  Listen as Kate explains our experience and how our organization is positioned two years post.

Takeaways from Kate’s presentation include:

  • Strategic planning is never finished.  As you begin the implementation phase, and as new learning emerges, or the context changes, you have to be able to respond and shift strategies and tactics accordingly.
  • Know that change can be difficult, and that it will be difficult for different people in different ways and at different times.  Determine how you will systematically support your staff, your board, and your constituents.
  • The 10 keys are the ingredients.  If you start with the #1 key, AGREE on the reason for planning – that, along with your organization’s culture and values will shape how you pay attention to and utilize all of the other keys in strategic planning.

February 2015