Celebrating Advocates Who Help North Carolinians Get the Care They Need

At John Rex Endowment, we know we’re most effective when the community works together – from funders partnering with other funders to maximize our impact, to advocates working together with those they serve to best support our community. 

That’s why we were excited about Governor Roy Cooper signing a proclamation honoring Enrollment Assisters Appreciation Week last month. 

This celebration recognizes the many people – in the proclamation, called enrollment assisters – who help North Carolina residents sign up for the right health care, with a focus on Medicaid.

Signing up helps North Carolinians get the care they need. For example, securing the right insurance helps kids and families access medicine for life-threatening conditions such as heart disease or seizures.

When Governor Cooper talked about helping more families access life-saving healthcare, we knew we wanted to be part of making that happen. 

That’s why we joined together with other funders to support three organizations that help North Carolinians with Medicaid enrollment. Together, we were able to raise almost $3 million to help fill the gaps in our state’s funding. 

We are proud to honor enrollment assisters and all they’ve been able to accomplish – helping thousands of kids, families and residents live happier, healthier lives. 

“We at the NC Navigator Consortium, Care Share Health Alliance, and the North Carolina Community Health Center Association are so grateful to have support from the John Rex Endowment to do this work, and we feel honored that our efforts around Medicaid Expansion are being recognized at the highest levels in NC,” said Nicholas Riggs, Director - NC Navigator Consortium, Legal Aid of North Carolina.