Chef Wins Iron Carrot Award with Secret Healthy School Lunch Ingredient

Chef Jason Smith of 18 Seaboard won over the taste buds of student judges by using rutabaga, a locally grown vegetable, as his secret ingredient at Lunch In!, a chef competition hosted by Underwood Elementary on March 31. In a friendly battle for the Iron Carrot Award, Chef Smith and Chef Todd Whitney of J. Betski’s both used their culinary creativity to prepare healthy lunch options. Lunch In!, sponsored by Advocates for Health in Action (AHA), is designed to raise awareness and engage the community to advocate for fresh and healthy school lunches in Wake County.

AHA is planning several other Lunch In! events featuring local chefs at Wake County schools. Contact AHA if you are interested in hosting a competition at your school. 

The John Rex Endowment provides grant support for AHA, a group of diverse organizations and community members who are shaping the environment throughout Wake County so healthful eating and physical activity are the way of life.