In Solidarity: Our Message

Racism is systemic in this community and this country, and it steals lives – whether from violence or silence – as well as livelihoods. At the John Rex Endowment, we acknowledge this fact, lament it, and express our deepest apology for ways in which we may inadvertently perpetuate it. Our commitment is to challenge ourselves daily to understand and to grow in ways that resist all forms of racism while we help lay the groundwork for a new and equitable society.

We are especially concerned about how navigating systemic racism negatively impacts the social, emotional and behavioral health and well-being of black and brown children. As families struggle to raise their children in this current environment, the alarms are sounding. The effects of what children are seeing and hearing in the media, on the streets and at home will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Our foundation’s mission is to ensure that children are safe, healthy and living to their full potential. We recognize this can never be accomplished through grantmaking alone. The only way to create an environment where all children and families thrive is to change policies so that all people are valued and systemic racism becomes a problem of the past. 

It’s our pledge to:

  • continue to listen and learn; 
  • embrace our equity journey as both individuals and an organization; and 
  • work with our grant-funded partners, advocates and government agencies who are providing leadership during this pandemic and civil unrest to advocate for policies that will advance positive change for all children, especially black and brown children and families.

We are in this for the duration as together we rebuild more equitable systems for our children.