John Rex Endowment Awards Over $1 Million to Support Wake County Children and their Families

John Rex Endowment Board of Directors approved over $1 million in grants to organizations that support children and their families to be safe, healthy and living to their full potential.

Nonprofit capacity building grants were awarded to Family Promise, Haven House Services, Marbles Kids Museum, TheGifted Arts and Wade Edwards Foundation/WELL.  The funding provides nonprofits the ability to develop and maintain the infrastructure necessary to fulfill their respective missions. The $80,000 grant awards will begin January 2021.

Two grants were awarded that address children’s positive social, emotional, and behavioral health and well-being.

  • The Kaleidoscope Project was awarded $331,436 to continue its work to enhance places where children go so that all children grow up nurtured by supportive environments and become adults who benefit from and contribute to healthy communities. Building on previous work, the project will use a lens of racial equity to examine its best practices and interventions.
  • Wake County Public Schools will receive $300,000 as it continues to increase the number and quality of Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) services. The project trains staff at agencies who work with parents and guardians on parenting techniques and practices while coping within the inequitable circumstances they may be facing.

Jimmy Talton, chair, John Rex Endowment, said, “As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, I want to reaffirm the Endowment’s commitment to strengthening our nonprofit community. Many of our county’s children and families depend on nonprofits and it is our role to provide financial support and to advocate on their behalf.”

The John Rex Endowment has invested more than $52 million to 96 unique Wake County nonprofits since the Endowment’s founding in 2000.