Meet Linh Pham: JRE’s New Community and Capacity Development Manager

Last month, we shared that Linh Pham was promoted to serve as JRE’s new community and capacity development manager. This month, we’re sharing more about Linh so you can get to know her background and her hopes for this role! 

Linh has been an important part of the JRE team for more than two years, leading our operations. In this new role, she’s supporting our current grantees and co-creating funding opportunities with future partners, too. 

As Linh puts it, she’s a local girl – one who has worked across the US (and even across the world!), and came home to advocate in the tar heel community she loves best.  

Linh graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, before starting her career in advocacy. She joined AmeriCorps as soon as she graduated. Since then, she’s worked at a number of nonprofits, from the United Way of North Carolina to Boat People SOS, Children of Vietnam, Viet Fellow and Jewish Family and Children's Service. 

“I started as the grantee, not the grantor, and that shapes the way I’ll approach this role,” she said.

As part of her work, Linh is always focused on the community and how she can serve them best – which is one of the reasons she chose to work with JRE! 

“Linh has a dual lens of understanding. She gets what it’s like to be on the program-serving side of nonprofits, as well as the philanthropic side,” said JRE Vice President Sabrina Slade. “Having a team member like Linh with this lived experience is a great benefit to our team and impacts how we make decisions – ones that ultimately affect our community.” 

Linh’s lived experience working with, and leading within, nonprofits – along with her cross-training with Gladys, who previously held this role – makes her the perfect leader for this position. 

When we asked Linh what she wants grant partners and community members to know, she shared the following: 

“I want you to be able to see us – JRE – as a resource, as a friend in the work and as an ally in the truest sense of the work. This journey we’re going on together is exciting,” Linh shared. ”We may not know what will happen along the way, but we know the destination we want to reach together. I’m so looking forward to walking this path together.” 

Please join us in celebrating Linh as she begins this new role!