John Rex Endowment Partners with Armstrong McGuire to Build Nonprofit Capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the vital role and yet precarious position that nonprofits hold in our communities. People every day require the services that nonprofits provide. This is especially true during times of crisis, when nonprofits find themselves struggling to meet increased client needs while dealing with tighter budgets, reduction in volunteer help and vulnerable staff members.   

In recent conversations with grant-funded partners, John Rex Endowment program officer Gladys Hairston learned that organizations are continuing to address the need to build their organizational capacity, while at the same time questioning how to be a strong business in these new times.

Hearing these concerns, the John Rex Endowment reaffirmed its commitment to providing capacity building support and resources.

The Endowment engaged Armstrong McGuire, with its team of veteran nonprofit professionals, to consult with the Endowment’s grant-funded partners as they navigate the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

“We made this no-cost, confidential opportunity available to more than 35 of our grant-funded partners to help them focus on needs specific to their organizations,” said Kellan Moore, John Rex Endowment president and CEO.

Topics available to discuss during consultation include mapping strategy, plotting asset reallocation, revising fundraising, answering questions about government loans, re-engaging board members, evaluating human-resource options and creating key communication strategies. In some instances, the simplest request is that the consultant be a thought partner with the organization.

Moore said she believes that collaborations like the one with Armstrong McGuire are a flexible, innovative way to meet leaders where they are. “Together, we are working to strengthen our nonprofit community during this challenging time. We are grateful for the invaluable services they provide to our vulnerable neighbors.” said Moore.