Libby George, who recently joined the Board of Directors of John Rex Endowment, is the Investment Officer for North Carolina State University and recipient of the Rodney H. Adams Endowment Management Award.  She says she was compelled to join the board because of “the culture of the board, and the deeply rooted set of values that are expressed within their values statement, specifically integrity and respect.” She adds, “Behaving honestly and with fairness, is paramount in being able to impact change, understanding others and working together to help others lead healthy, fulfilled lives.”

Ms. George believes the most compelling opportunity for the Endowment during the new year will be to act as a driving force of change, especially regarding health and racial equity. “The board is doing exciting work in committing to a deeper understanding of racial inequality in order to be that voice of change for families and children of Wake County,” she says. “I fully believe that by working together, all things are possible!”

She remembers, from her college years, the lyrics of a favorite pop song by Whitney Houston entitled “The Greatest Love of All,” that expresses her feelings about what makes a Champion of Children: ‘I believe the children are our future/Teach them well and let them lead the way/Show them all the beauty they possess inside/Give them a sense of pride…’. Ms. George noted that the Endowment, by providing funding to support children and families of Wake County, supports “the thesis of self-worth and building each other up which can be quite transformational and empowering for both parent(s) and child(ren).”

Ms. George concludes, “The John Rex Endowment can be that hero to children and families in Wake County, knowing that instituting change is a lifelong journey, a daily pursuit of championing the hero in us all.”