Funding Area: Injury Prevention

Any harm inflicted upon a child, whether by another person or as the result of an accident, is never acceptable.  These intentional and unintentional injuries happen all the time.  Beyond the immediate impact, costs extend far to include school and work absences, ongoing medical and rehabilitation care, physical disability, and emotional trauma.

Despite these costs, Wake County stakeholders agree that funding is often directed toward addressing injuries after they occur, rather than on the prevention of injury.

The John Rex Endowment sees an opportunity to create impact in this area through the coordination of prevention efforts across organizations and communities, and the development of a strong and consistent injury prevention focus among those who are in a position to engage work on this issue at a community level, including public health professionals, public safety professionals, school administrators, and parents.

Learn about our goal to increase the number of people and organizations engaged in activities that are effective in preventing injury and ensuring the overall safety of Wake County children.

See Our Plan for Impact, 2013-2018 for further description of our funding areas, goals and strategies.




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