GOAL: Build the strength and sustainability of nonprofit organizations that support Wake County children in living healthy lives.

The John Rex Endowment’s announcement in 2009 that it would begin investment in nonprofit capacity building was met with enthusiastic response from area nonprofits. During that first grant cycle, 13 organizations received funding dedicated to building the strength and resilience of organizations serving Wake County children.

Grantee experiences and our learnings consistently reinforce the importance and value of assessing and improving nonprofit infrastructure. In essence, our nonprofit capacity building provides an opportunity for these organizations to pause, learn, reflect, and take action in developing long-term and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face in addressing the needs of the county’s children.

Our Approach: 

  • Build the interest and commitment of more nonprofit organizations to engage in nonprofit capacity building.
  • Make improvements in our support of nonprofit capacity building.

For additional detail on this goal and our strategies, see Our Plan for Impact, 2013-2018.

Funding Opportunities:

Current funding opportunities are announced through a Request for Proposal process.


Current funding opportunities