Sharing Insights

The John Rex Endowment has the privilege of supporting organizations who join with us to create an environment where children and families in greater Wake County live healthy lives.  In our pursuit, we pride ourselves on being a learning organization — one that constantly strives to improve based on insights gained from all experiences. In this section we provide grant project updates, stories reflecting what we and our grantees are learning, plus reports and resources on child health.

Developing Social and Emotional Behaviors Leads to Improved Learning Skills

It’s early in the school day at Lynn Road Elementary School. There are 16 four-year-olds sitting cross-legged on their puzzle piece foam mats taking part in group time. The children have on their listening ears as one child tells his teacher and friends about a problem he faced earlier that morning. When the little boy finishes his story, the teacher reaches for the SEFEL-inspired Solution Suitcase and the group conversation turns to problem solving.

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Using an Interactive Map to Look at Social Determinants of Health in Wake County

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH) recently completed an assessment and online Story Map (with User Guide) commissioned by the John Rex Endowment to describe how conditions in Wake County can affect children and their families’ health and well-being. Using the Esri® Story Map with geographic information system technology, NCIPH staff mapped 12 key indicators to geographically identify assets and areas with higher opportunity for improvements.

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June Event Brings Together Childhood Injury and Violence Prevention Advocates

On June 21, the Skills and Knowledge for Injury Prevention Partners (SKIPP) Project held its 4th annual networking event. This year‘s theme “Talking the Walk: Sharing Successes, Stories, and Opportunities to Prevent Child and Youth Injury in Wake County NC” attracted participants representing 21 different organizations which supported opportunities to make connections and share experiences in discussions of the prevention of childhood injury and violence.

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Growing a Culture of Healthy Eating

Kale might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of food at a child care center, but the green vegetable was the theme of the week during a visit to Raleigh’s Childcare Network #61. The center was recognized for its urban agriculture efforts when awarded a Raleigh Environmental Award in 2016.

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Look for the John Rex Endowment on Facebook

We are thrilled to announce that the John Rex Endowment can now be found on Facebook! We'll use this platform to promote the work of our grantees and others whose work aligns with our funding interests.  Plus, we’ll share resources that support the efforts of children and families of Wake County to live healthier lives.  We can't wait to continue the conversation about the great work being done in our community on this new platform and hope to "see" you there!

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